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shellyk03 submitted:

"I love your blog so much! Finally found a good Bhangra blog lol :)"

Thank you! :)

vakripechaan submitted:

"do you happen to know all the results of wbbc yet?! desperately wanted to know so I came straight here!"

From BTF:

  • Cal over UNC
  • Furteelay over GCC
  • BK over FAUJ
  • Cornell over Rutgers
  • SMD over DCBC
  • Overall Winner: Cornell Bhangra
Anonymous submitted:

"do you know if the show bhangra nation will resume on ptc punjabi or youtube?"

I don’t, sorry! If there are any updates, I’ll definitely post them.

Anonymous submitted:

"when is bhangra blowout in dc this year (2012/2013) like the next one?"

Bhangra Blowout 20 will take place on April 13, 2013 at the Warner Theatre in Washington, DC

Anonymous submitted:

"hi can you post cal bhangra's mix from bruin bhangra 2012? plz and thanks :)"

Right here :)

Anonymous submitted:

"When I try and stream the show it says its offline. Is that happening to just me or you as well?"

Yeah, the stream will appear offline until 5 PM PST/8 PM EST, so for about 3 more hours, don’t worry if it’s offline till then! I just posted the link now so everyone can plan to watch ahead of time.

Anonymous submitted:

"Would you happen to know the title of this song here are some of the lyrics " tu kehndi sanu nachna nee aunda.. terey galt khayaal nee mundey reshmi rumaala vaaley" ?"

Yup, it’s Reshmi Rumal by Sukhjit Raja :)

gillpritii submitted:

"do you also happen to know the name of the song before gaddi wango?"

Ranjha by Bally Jagpal, these are some of my favorite songs :)

gillpritii submitted:

"do you know the name of the song at 5:53 in the mix that anakh e gabroo used at bruin bhangra 2012? cause i really wanna know, LOL :$"

Yup, it’s Guddi Wango by Jagmohan Kaur!

"Thank you so much for the download link!! Ahh, it was so good. :)"

no problem!

Anonymous submitted:

"Can you post a download link for the Cal Bhangra- Sin City 2012 Bhangra Blowout song please?!?! Greatly appreciated, and wonderful job!"

You can download it here (just make sure you’re signed in and the download link will be there), let me know if you have any problems :)

Thank you so much!!

ki-gandh-paya submitted:

"what is the difference b/w Bhangra and Jhumar?"

Hey, sorry for the late response!

Jhumar is a slower folk dance than Bhangra that primarily makes use of the arms. It’s usually performed in a circle (traditionally by males) and is performed to slower songs (or a slower beat). There aren’t many Jhumar teams (I’m not aware of any) but it’s incorporated in performances by Bhangra teams.

Anonymous submitted:

"Hey there! Who are the line up of jashan Bhangra comp?"

Hey! The following teams will be performing at Jashan Bhangra on April 7th 2012:

Bhangra Empire - Bay Area, California
Bhangra Republik - Calgary, Alberta
Da Real Punjabiz (DRP) - San Diego, California
Jawani Girls - Surrey, B.C
Jawani Revolution - Toronto, ON
Kauran Di Taur (KDT) - Calgary, Alberta
Nachde Sher Mastane (NSM) - Surrey, BC
Nachdi Jawani - Toronto, ON
PANJ - Surrey, BC
Shan E Punjab - Toronto, ON

Anonymous submitted:

"who do you follow on this site ?"

I follow quite a few people on my personal (too many to list) but unfortunately Bhangraland can’t follow anyone because it’s a sideblog.

"Love your blog :)"

Thank you!!